Thursday, May 21, 2009

Circle Array

Like 3ds Max Array tool but with custom picked rotate axis.
The rest you will see in the screenshots.

Download here & Enjoy!


  1. Absolutely sodding brilliant! Turned creating a waterwheel I was struggling with from a stupidly complicated process into a 3 click job

  2. I not tested it on Max2010, try it and let me know.

  3. Hi J, you don't need permanent installation at all, you can run the script by MaxScript > Run Script menu, but of course you can put the .ms file into your Scripts/Startup folder, and you'll find this utility into Utility panel.

  4. Mmm. Just copied this into my scripts startup but I don't see it in the Utilities list. I'm on Max 2009 x64. Any ideas?

  5. Hey Richard, am too on Max 2009 x64. It should be there :) Did you expand the rollout? ie then open the Utility panel, click on MAXScript button, and then bellow is the drop-down list with all installed scripted utilities.

  6. Works fine in 3DS Max 2013 too :) thanks a very handy tool


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