Saturday, November 14, 2009

Quick Clay Render

Quick Clay Render is a MaxScript by Liam Davis (him first script) to help you render your scene as a 'clay' style image, leaving the scene materials and all your render settings intact.

"Only downside - The actual render speed of using skylights isnt great..."

Well, there is more slow down thinks in the code (snaphot to mesh for example). The author (Liam Davis) accept suggestions on how to improve it, so I post what I have in my maind.

-- Quick Clay Render
with undo on
  geo = for g in geometry collect g -- collect geometry
  sha = for s in shapes collect s -- shapes as well
  join geo sha -- join shapes
  clay = standardMaterial diffuse:white shaderType:1
  geo.material = clay -- assign mtl at Once (without loop)
  sun = Skylight castShadows: true enabled: true
  floorplane = plane lengthsegs:1 widthsegs:1 length:10000 width:10000
  select geo
  floorplane.pos.z = $.min.z -- easy Z align
  floorplane.material = clay -- assign mtl to the plane
  useEnvironmentmap = off -- turn off
  backgroundColor = white
  renderers.current = Default_Scanline_Renderer()
  max quick render
max undo
-- end

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