Monday, November 29, 2010

Cabinet creator

Cabinet creator is a script that become very popular at ScriptSpot for a no time, and thats make me laugh :) Ok, am not want to be rude, but the folks which look for tools/plug-ins for whatsoever instead of learning how to do this with what they already have... am call them lazy slaves. Yes, the author of this script might deserve respect for the time he spend to wrote it, but ask yourself - are you need any tool or plugin to create a cabinet object in 3ds Max? This is a no time work if using Max's Doors and Windows primitives, and they are so intuitive so hardly ever necessary to read/watch any tutorials to work with them. Also Doors and Windows primitives has built-in mapping co-ordinates. Actually, the script use boolean operations, and that also is a quick task using boxes, but boolean ops break built-in mapping co-ordinates of the primitives. Also Max's Doors and Windows primitives are parametric objects (more flexible). So, if howsoever you need to own/write a Cabinet plug-in as parametric object take a look the excellent video tutorial by Borislav 'Bobo' Petrov. He guides you through the basics of scripted plug-in creation in 3ds Max, covering almost everything you need to know about to write nice scripted geometry plug-ins (incl. mapping, smoothing groups, segmentation, ...).

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