Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Custom Collapse

A script was asked to collapse an object modifiers at certain modifier while kept the rest on top of it intact. Actually, we need to backup all modifiers which we want to survive after collapsing the stack, remove them too and then collapse, and re-apply them at the end (after collapsing). A simple function for that purpose I post into the ScriptSpot forum.

Well, I think this post need little editing.

I was working hard at christmas holidays and now is my time to relax. At the moment I spend my free time to learn C# programming and maybe for that am not in the best script coding condition right now (who knows) :-) Never mind, however, a good snippet code by Ruramuq remind me about maxOps.CollapseNodeTo function which allows to set modifier index when collapsing, so I rewrote the script as macros with mini UI dialog.

Now am going to party...

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