Thursday, March 31, 2011

Long time max file save issue

The solution of long time max file save problem, quote RangEmotions (Russian forum):

We faced the problem, - max files in several scenes started to save for a longtime (about 10-15 minutes). We had tested lots of solutions, but nothing hadsolved this problem. The 12kb file was creating and after it ten minutes ofwaiting.

The solution was found: you need to open your file and go to MAXScript / Runscript and run the following scripts by turns.

script_01 + script_02
Looks like this problem appear mostly in 3ds Max 2011, and SP1 and HotFix4 not fixed it. I read also in (Bulgarian forum), that above solution not help in some cases. The folks at 3DBG report for some Windows registry mess in Max 2011, and the current solution they found at the moment is - to reinstall Max but to new folder location.


  1. thank you very much , you just save my life of a never-ending-no-sleeping-nightmare.

  2. This seriously works!! Thank you so much!!!!! Really appreciate this! =D


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