Monday, December 29, 2008

Free Maxscripts: Curtainwall and Material Lister

Two useful 3ds Max scripts by reFORM Studios are available for download.

Curtainwall - The Curtainwall Wizard allows you to take any polygonal object and convert it into a curtainwall system; complete with glass, mullions, and silicon joints. The resulting curtainwall is parametric so you can make changes to the base mesh and it will update model in realtime. Please note that this Maxscript is only a beta release and new features such as glass chamfer, randomize ID, jitter, attach and mullion chamfer will be implimented soon.

Material Lister - The material lister provides a means to view all the scene materials in list format along with the most commonly used parameters. Ideal for trying to find that rogue material or parameter.

>> Download Maxscripts

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