Friday, December 26, 2008

Reverse Rendering Using Video Post

Writen by Magic Wand

Hi everyone... Do you have any idea about Reverse Rendering? Means Rendering the Forward animation reversely in 3ds Max?? or Rendering the same scene using 2 Cameras at the same time?

Today we are going to discuss some tricks and tips in Videopost: the advanced Compositing and Visual FX utility in 3ds MAX. Actually nowadays people are not looking into that powerful section. But if you exploring Videopost, you’ll get some nice FX and options right in 3ds Max like Reverse Rendering.

Reverse Rendering

It’s a powerful process in 3ds Max with which we are rendering an animation reverse, that means 100 to 0, actually it is not possible any other 3d program directly.

  • Open the Video post window from Rendering>Video Post
  • Click the Add Scene Event Button in the Video Post Window
  • You will get a window like this, in that Uncheck the "Lock to Video Post Range" Checkbox and in the Scene range window, set your last frame as the Scene start and vice versa.
  • From the "Add Image output event" set a file name, format for your Rendering and Execute the sequence from the Video Post Window.
  • Enjoy the reverse Rendering.

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