Friday, February 20, 2009

Compositing Using Video Post

"Okay, even if you don't have the cash for a commercial compositing program, you can still do simple alpha composites using the venerable 3ds max Video Post feature."

Namely, I often use 3ds max Video Post. What is it all about? I accidentally fall on the ad page of the book "3ds max 6 Killer Tips", written and edited by Jon A. Bell.

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Online Sample Chapter is available:
Making Your 3ds max Projects Beautiful

It is also available in PDF format (5.74 mb):
Chapter 6 - Making It Beautiful

Everything is fine, but read my comment

COMPOSITING USING VIDEO POST is the title on page 19 (19 of 37).

But still wonder how straight onto the wrong direction :) Indeed, the exhibition is quite correctly described but... attached screen capture is misleading, just incorrect.

Top must remain the primary layer (the background) and below it to set the foreground.

* correct production:
I have never suggested that I find a mistake in such books. It's not a misprint, of course. This is exactly the problem. All of us approach with respect to the authors of these books and not subject to doubt any. Such an error would discourage the beginners. I'm met a lot of questions out of the forums on VP, and most remain unanswered. I hope the reason is not the books like this :) also I hope the error is intentional, that is only in this free version, not in paid print edition.

You could say that a lot of advanced, are very intuitive for VP and they would not have spent time to write a lessons about. However, this is a basic step in the study of layers composing, daily use by professionals and advanced users. Since the book publication of 2004, wonder how nobody noticed or commented on this irregularity yet.

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