Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Object ID Log

"Object ID Log" is my first maxscript online. A year ago I wrote another version for personal use to stored the objects ID`s in 3ds Max Summary Info as Commentary note, but this method is not very easy to read, therefore I rewrite the script to store data in a log file. I decided that this script may be useful to others, so it shared with the Community of .You can download it from here or from here.

The reason is that the 3dsmax no info tool or listener for object G-buffer ID and in complex scenes with assigned render effects, especially when merged scenes of the effects, occurs mess. Manual inspection of the properties of the objects one by one is not very comfortable.

How it works - first check whether the stage is not empty (Who is required to log an empty scene?) and if at least one object, open Max Save dialog to specify a location and name of log file. Once the file is stored, opens log for reading in MaxScriptEditor. Object ID by default in 3dsmax is zero (0) and then we asign some effect we change the ID value, why does the script check for values above zero and clarity in the log record only them. Format is "ObjectName (Object ID)" . This is it :)

I wrote the script for personal use, so there is no macro or utility, but may be useful to someone else and thus share it. Just run it or drag-and-drop to the viewport.

I tested it only in 3ds Max 2009 but should work in previous versions.

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