Friday, December 18, 2009

Include/Exclude in FOR loops via WHERE

Here I'll focus on a specific MAXScript usage. It's about WHERE which looks like IF but can be used only in FOR loops and its very handy to filter out items from collections (for example - to exlude objects from selection).


-- collect objects which has "height" property
objs = for o in objects where \
hasProperty o "height" collect o

-- collect Multimaterials from scene
MMats = for m in sceneMaterials where \
classOf m == Multimaterial collect m

-- filter array and collect integer values to a new array
oldArray = #("a", 12, "b", 3.5, 7)
newArray = for i in oldArray where \
classOf i == integer collect i

--> #(12, 7)

Using WHERE in FOR loop is not something hard, its a logic play only, we just need to choose correct expression check suitable for your concrete case.

Into MAXScript Reference search for "TargetObject" and you'll find a good examples for how to filter the TargetObject out using "where".


-- old and bad style coding (SLOW):
for o in Lights do
try(o.rgb = random black white)catch()
-- Optimized code:
for o in Lights where classOf o != TargetObject do
o.rgb = random black white

So, shortly to say, we can filter our collection checking its items by class, categories or property, and this can be done tidiness and faster using WHERE.

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  1. This is a great post. Advanced/updated coding techniques are missing from current training aids for beginning MAXscript.


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