Monday, December 7, 2009


Create easy WireFence shape (Editable Spline).

8 months ago I was working on a scene in which I needed wire fence. I searched the net for a tutorial on the matter and found nothing. Then I searched the net for any 3d model and I was left very disappointed. Only image based fakes or meshes which seem terribly Viewed from near. My idea was to make it via editable splines. They are more flexible and take realy short calculation time in rendering process. To quit is not an option :) so I made the effort and I made it myself. I up my hand-made model in (Product ID: 455926) just for test and the results really surprised me - about 36500 downloads for 8 months! Naturally, to do this model manually each time a is quite annoying and time consuming, so to got a time saver I wrote this script. I thought of extend it before publishing it, but this can't happen soon. I use it often and its tested enough :)

As usual script can be found at ScriptSpot:

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