Saturday, December 4, 2010

Brazil for Developers SDK

Caustic Graphics, developers of OpenRL and the CausticTwo graphics card, announced that the Brazil renderer has been rewritten from the ground up to take advantage of OpenRL (Open Ray tracing Library) for standardized access to graphics devices from AMD, Intel, and NVidia, as well as Caustic Graphics. They have posted a video showing the real-time, interactive rendering API designed for integration into 3D graphics applications.

The Brazil for Developers beta program begins in February 2011, but if we can see a Max plugin version of the interactive renderer will dependent of the results of this thread, and that sounds very very strange... Its a big mystery (for me), why Caustic Graphics has some doubts to produce Max plugin version. Also is a big mystery, how some forum thread will help them to make decision. So, lets hope this is only a trade trick and we'll enjoy BrazilRT for Max (some day).

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