Saturday, December 31, 2011

Flip UVs across several files

Well, I know its not a time for work right now, but what is blogged here can be read in the future days, while what's in my head may not be there tomorrow, hehe :)

What I have in mind is just to post a link to that forum thread: FLIP UV across several files - Solution included. Its about how to batch UVs flip operation on several files, automating that procedure from importing to exporting the objects. The thread holds and working solution. Admittedly it can be polished and optimized but its a complete working script (at least for the case it written).

Well, looks like I can't hide my happiness after all because I was able to help on this task remotely (without Max on my hands), however, after reading the posts once more, I see a bit of educational value inside.

Ok, never mind, now back to the party. :)
Happy new year to all!

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