Monday, January 23, 2012

Delete NoteTracks

Well, its about cleaning the mess after bipeds. I write twice about this. Once by posting the primary and most older source that offer solution about - Long time max file save issue, and once more in Ballooning file issue where I post more links to additional sources and solutions.

Why then I post again about this? Looks like the bugs in Max varied between versions and the chance some of the solutions to work for everybody is a bit arbitrary. One more solution is always welcome, right?

For instance, in the case mention at ScriptSpot, the method is based on TrackViewNodes.Max_MotionClip_Manager but it is unstable as Max not always know Max_MotionClip_Manager track, but calling it by index i.e. trackViewNodes[5] solve that. This way it work not just for me.
fn deleteNoteTracks = (
mcMan = TrackViewNodes[5]
while (numNoteTRacks mcMan > 0) do
deleteNoteTrack mcMan (getNoteTrack mcMan 1)
If by some reason this method not work for you, there is other 2 methods posted at CGTalk forum. The first of them not work here. Its based on DefNoteTrack, but it is undefined here and the line of code...
(notetrack "").classid -- that should fix it... I read this work for someone but not for me. The DefNoteTrack still stay undefined after that, so the whole solution do nothing for me.

Well, at the end of this forum thread has another method that I never tested. It's based on re-copy the whole Max_MotionClip_Manager track. Two peoples confirm that it works and that it is really faster, do the job almost instantly. So if it works for you, it looks as the best one, but if not, then you have one more solution to play with.

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