Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Smashing wall with reactor

Another nonsense!

Smashing ball has animated in frame 0 where is start position and frame 2 where is moving closer to the brick-built wall but ... if it is a "unyielding" then will stop there in frame 2 and nothing more happens. So I assume, the author of this tutorial was add one more animation key to move the ball inside the "building" but ... inadvertently forgot to write about.

And that's not all ... he/she said to add all planks and bricks to Fracture. Heh,... this way reactor would return bullshit result. Judging by the writing: "You noticed that all bricks moved, we must erase that frames.", well, there no Fracture on this simulation, only Rigid Body Collection.

I keep wondering why someone publish such "tutorials"!?

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