Monday, July 6, 2009

Snapshot As EPoly

I post at this snippet code to snapshot as Editable Poly selected and/or other scene object(s) without lost/changing your current selection. The script is ready for use as is or just to put into function, or if you prefer installed scripts then download macroscript (.mcr) too. The script not needed any UI 'cause it just run query dialog box if something selected and if confirm by hit Yes it snapshot selected as Editable Poly, and if you hit No (or nothing selected), it run SelectByName dialog to chose another object(s).

There is MAXScript ( and macroScript (snapshotAsEPoly.mcr).

If you need some help about script installation in 3ds Max, just read this topic or spend a mins to read about in Max help Reference and you've got the freedom to edit and menage macros at any time :) I personally dislike macros for several reasons, else they do not bite yet :)

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