Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wired steering wheel

This video tutorial is rather pretentious description and very low concentration. Here describes how to rig front wheels turn to the steering wheel (or dummy) using wired parameters. Wiring is a nice but if we use it we cant apply other constraint to your weels, so this method is not a good idea, right? Mach better in this case will be just to share weels rotation control.

Here's what I mean (It will take only seconds) - In TrackView copy Z_rotation controller of the left (or right) weel and paste as Instance to the other front weel. And if you want to affect also steering wheel, just do the same for it - paste Z_rotation controller. That's all. Also rotation proportion of the steering wheel and front weels can be controlled by scripted expression by multipliable rotation with some value, to say pi (3.14).

Here is a test from scratch without wiring or scripts, just instances Z_rotation only used:

I hope this help :)

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