Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Batch Loader

Batch Loader is my last script designed to quick Merge/Import multiple files. I noticed that there is interest in scripts like "Batch Merge". I also read the comments and requests at, so here's what I created.

  • Merge multiple .MAX files
  • Import multiple .* files (ie all that can be imported)!
  • Log all files where failed to load to Listener (if any)
  • Multiple history for recent used paths available
  • Limit count of recent paths to keep in history added
  • Group option available
  • "Auto" option (if is checked no prompt for Merge/Import) *
  • Dialog window is resizeable

[*] If "Auto" is unchecked then default Max Merge/Import dialog appear for each file. It is slower alternative, but it is important and useful in some cases.

Read more and download the script as usually here.

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