Sunday, October 11, 2009

Layers of Control

I shall be quite pleased when I saw new video session published on Area Autodesk site, still does not happen very often, especially when it comes to animation, also to learn from practitioners is the best choice (at least so it should be the best choice).

The full article name: GDC MasterClass: Layers of Control: Animation controllers, constraints, and layers in 3ds Max

Judging by the rank and experience of the lecturer (Grayson Chalmers – Outsource Manager for Sony Online Entertainment Austin), it should be an awesome video tutorial, major and essential for animators, right? But its not, and I'm disappointed.

The "core" of the tutor is about animating weights of position and orientation constraint, and setup some simple rig system which is just to show us how flexible is to work with custom attributes. Ok, good to know, but the final usage of this rig system is too complicated. Yep, even in Max R4 has methods which is more quick and easy to setup, more flexible and better contrloled, which ultimately produced better final result.

So what going on here? Whether the level today is really fallen very low?

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