Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pure Shot

Here's something from me which I think will be useful for other people. Quick render selected object(s) on pure background color without mess renderer settings & while keep last rendered VFB intact.


  • Render selected object(s) on desired size & background color
  • Keep renderer settings & last rendered VFB intact
  • Each "shot" comes in a new virtual slot which gives you freedom to
  • work with multiple slots which is a bonus when comparing images.

We all know that Max Render Selected mod past new rendered shot over last rendered frame as background. I always wondered why this option is designed to work like this. This is not real-time post-production compositing feature. It's designed to save time when our focus its work over an object(s) and to do this on flat background color is very clear and more useful.

Copy this script to your Max\Scripts\Startup folder, and use it at any time from the Utility panel.

Read more and download the script here.

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