Friday, January 29, 2010

More than 24 materials

Marco Brunetta post a maxscript for all people asking to use more than 24 materials in Max Material Editor. Well, 24 material limit in Max is not "stupid" for me, Material Editor is a temp art (working) palette, and 24 are enough slots. Marco's script dont extend the MEditor itself, he create material "pages" each having 24 materials. This "pages" are virtual array copies which saved in the scene (on root) by Custom Attributes and can be used after the file has been reopen. By default Max save into the file all used in the scene materials. That's enough and safe. There is Libraries files (.mat files) in Max where to keep your materials. However, I know an army of fans of this idea out there :) so if you are one of them then just try Marco's script.

There is standard (without scripts) work-around if 24 slots come not enouth:
1. Put to current Library your material (before clean the slot).

2. Backup all slots at once to Library
(and then clean all by MEdit menu / Utilities / Reset Material Editor Slots).

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