Thursday, February 11, 2010

Browse in 3DXtras

3DXtras is a resource site for free 3d models and the site stats show so 8051 3D models found. Cool, but realy hard to find what you looking for. The models not taged with any keywords, so the search engine scan only their names end the site search form is not very helpful. The alternative is to browse by category, but... this feature is broken :/

In the beginning I thought that this is restriction for unregistered users. Yes, the site requered registration to download models from there, and I was to know is there something useful for me before I regist myself, however, after reg and login the browse by category feature is still broken. My last visit there was months ago and I see so this is not fixed yet (today), so unfortunately, this is not a temp bug. Maybe this guys use free PHP template without PHP knowledge and they have no idea how to fix this. I hope someone (good guy) familiar with the PHP to contact and help them.

But for now we need some tips on how to browse by category in 3DXtras.

I did not believe that I will have to write about how to browse in some web site (LOL), but for 3DXtras realy need some hint Instruction. :))

Where is the problem? Try some category, "Cars" for example. The first page always open, without problem. Category "Cars":

Now, if you try to open page 2 will go here:

Yes, this is page 2 BUT in Category "All".
Now, if you append "&page=1" as argument to the preview URL, i.e.:

Tadaaa... you open page 2 in Category "Cars" :) Now if change the value to 2, i.e.:'ll open page 3 in this category, and so on... Shortly, you need to edit the URL in the address bar on your web browser. Yes, is not particularly convenient, not perfect solution but it works :D

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