Thursday, February 18, 2010

Transfering UVW data via MaxScript

I recommend this thread to everybody who look how to fight with multiple copy/paste Unwrap UVW modifiers. Manual copy/paste via context menu in modifiers stack (right mouse click) works fine. Copy/paste a few modifiers is not the problem, but what about hundreds? But optimize this task via MaxScript looks impassable, and I was wait for fix from Autodesk too long. Yes, I was hope the "hole" between MaxScript and Unwrap UVW modifier to be fixed. Recently recommend me to try to do this by Windows handlers callbacks. This reborn my interest to fix this issue by MaxScript. Well, playing with this callbacks was a good training for me, but too messy way to do this. But if something is possible this is enough for me to start looking for better solution. Yep, this is my style, if the method is too complicated then I'm sure I goes into the wrong direction.

Ok, briefly, I found good "elegant" for my purpose way to "cheat" and fix this copy/paste problem. My trick is based on the "magic" built-in swap() function. I start to love this function :) it hide inside too much power.

So, as I said, if you also look for how to solve this problem, then look at this forum topic.

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