Monday, August 9, 2010


Product description (quote from the Boomer Labs web site):

"SuperMesher is a 3DSMax plugin that allows you to cache animated geometry regardless of its topology and number of objects including pFlow particles. The cache is baked out to a separate file which can be loaded into any version of MAX 2009 or higher. No reference is held to the original objects so they can be deleted or modified without consequence. Because the result is one single mesh, SuperMesher automatically generates appropriate material IDs and Multi-Sub materials."


  1. There is no way you could write a plugin like supermesher in maxscript.
    If you have never written a proper plugin for max, you may underestimate by a significant margin the amount of work required. What is 10 lines of code in maxscript could easily be 3-400 lines of C++.
    Boomerlabs writes software for a living. If you think the plugin is too expensive then don't buy it. If you think it could save you time and effort in your production pipeline, then buy it! (I did and it has saved me many days worth of work)

  2. Hey Rhys,

    Fisrt - this is my blog and i share my opinion here, and i know that am not very tactful and sometines may harm the peoples with my words. But this is me and that cannot be changed :)

    So ok, am sure a lot of work is behind this plugin. Also its your right to beliеve or not is it possible to write such plugin in maxscript. Also glad to see you are happy to buy it.

    As about the price, yes, its too expensive to me, but if you read carefully my post, you'll see that i not need it at all. I also wonder who really need it, but never mind :)

  3. Just to clarify, some of the things that Supermesher is great for are the following:

    When you have complicated animation or VFX animation rigs, viewport interaction can be very very slow. Sometimes you might have hundreds of objects all interacting for a complicated effect. Once you are done tweaking your effect/scene, Supermesher is great for baking the whole mess out to a single object. That way you know it will render reliably on the renderfarm and also your scene interaction can speed up by order of magnitudes.
    It also makes scene management simple. A complicated effect is a single node to hide-unhide. There are no dependencies to break or to have their visibility managed.

    It is also useful for sending meshes to other artists that might not have the same plugins as you do. The Supermesher reader is free.

    finally, it is great for when geometry is crashing on render. You can Supermesher your scene out and know that it will render without any issues.

  4. Good to know. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Hey, just reaching out to offer my services if you have any further questions on SuperMesher. VFX folks really seem to love it :)

    Also, if $125 seems steep, I might be able to help out a bit.


    Matt Kaustinen
    Boomer Labs, LLC

  6. Thanks Matt,
    and sorry if I bother you with my post.


  7. Ok, finally, for the general good welfare
    I decide to edit my post and remove my doubting notes.



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