Monday, February 21, 2011

B-Vertex Eraser v.2

B-Vertex Eraser is one of my scripts for model optimization (especially after boolean operations). It remove vertices that shared exactly 2 edges. Well, the script is very powerful even like it is. It works on selected vertices and has undo record. But as you can guess, if the vertex connect 2 edges which are not straight (parallel), then removing this verts will deform the object surface, destroys original geometry.

About 3 weeks ago I received request to improve that script by supplying option to set threshold in degrees to obtain full control which vertex must be removed. Yes, fully fair-minded request, w'd been nice improvement, that option will make the script real time-saver.

At the moment I update the script just a little bit in that direction. Now if you hold SHIFT key while execute the script then will be removed only vertices that connect 2 straight (parallel) edges.

Unfortunately I delay work on this so long and recently I was able to play with it only for about an hour, and in despite of it looks so easy, after a few tests I end with very mix-in results. Now, just to save long waiting, I post this non-final (makeshift) solution, and I'll leave the work on 'threshold-version' for the next time when I have enough time to solve it properly. I hope so even in this stage it's an useful tool for you though.

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