Thursday, February 24, 2011

RTTassist 1.0

I glad to see that my friend Kostadin Kotev finally release his awesome RTTassist script. He works together on RTTassist with Martin Punchev (game artist).

Original description:

RTTassist is a free MaxScript toolset shaped in a beautiful interface that automates the tedious process of texture baking. It has a wide range of features, but most especially it is designed to give you better user experience! Take a look at some of the main features:

  • Explode all objects using an unique vector so there are no overlapping objects and there is enough space between them.

  • Produce the best quallity, normal, Ambient Occlusion and other map types.

  • Render using "Smart" , an algorithm that saves rendering time by processing less important objects more quickly.

  • Render using the "Isolation" method - a more memory efficent way of rendering.

  • Combine all rendered maps together in a single resulting map.

  • Create a custom render presets for every case and share them with your collegues.

  • Easy to use interface and "click-of-a-button" workflow.

  • LiveLog - Instant visual feedback at every step.

For details check the official web site.

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