Sunday, February 20, 2011

Select objects by material name

It's a MaxScript question posted in ScriptSpot, and here is the function I post to help:
-- function
fn findObjsByMtlName name = (
local theObjs = #()
theMtl = (for m in sceneMaterials where \ == name collect m)[1]
if theMtl != undefined do (
theObjs = for n in (refs.dependents theMtl) where \
superClassOf n == GeometryClass collect n

-- usage
select (findObjsByMtlName "Grass1")

Note that the function is case sensitive, ie "Grass1" is not equal to "grass1". I can modify it to become unsensitive using Max toLower() or toUpper() functions, but this way we risk to get more than one material and that is out of the goal.

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