Monday, March 2, 2009

3 Reactor tutorials

by Andrzej Gasior

Short description: how to make...

  1. Coins using only "Ridig Body Collection".
  2. Curtain using "Deforming Mesh Collection" and "Cloth Collection".
  3. Lift using "Ridig Body Collection", "Point-Point Constraint", "Rope Collection" and "Motor".
[ Read them here ]
Download complete .MAX files:
[ 1. Coins ] [ 2. Curtain ] [ 3. Lift ]

This tutorial should be among the most popular when comes first in Google when searching for "reactor tutorial". What I wonder is, why no comments or questions after three tutorials have errors.

One of the rules for a correct simulation in Reactor is the objects do not contact each other, otherwise would intersect. I am new in Reactor but even I see that Coins in the first one intersect among themselves, and the reason for this is clear to me, for the other two did not, especially for third. There can be seen that while reel rotating in one direction and the rope is wound in the opposite direction, and that not touching the rope pulley. But here is no longer clear for me.

I'll be happy if someone help me out with ideas or advice.
Thanks in advance to everyone who help me to see the error here!


  1. there is a problem in the third turotials that i can´t resolve, when I make a rope collection I don´t know if that became after or before of the rope reactor is applied the result is that the rope it´s not lifting the box and the rope it´s not rolling over the pulley, I appreciate your help

  2. first apply "Rope Modifier" to the rope and then add it to the "Rope Collection".

  3. i see so tutorial url address is changed.
    there is a new one:

  4. Hi, thanks for you response, it´s seems ok, but when I preview the animation the pulley it´s not rolling and the rope gones crazy when I increase the value in the motor parameters, I think that the problems is when I Attach the upper vertex of the rope and the opposite vertex, this steps don´t have much sense.

  5. Yes, unfortunately I think that something is missed in this tutorial.

  6. The links take me to Evermotion?? Where is the tutorial?

  7. Yes, it was there at Tutorials/Exclusive section but as I see now its gone :(


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