Tuesday, March 10, 2009

knotty Line v.0.3

Here's an amusing mini tool (MaxScript) from me - "knotty Line"(v.0.3).

Actually I was looking for a spline tool for making rope for my personal simulations with Reactor, but nowhere can find something similar, so I make my own.

Of course, anyone can use my script for many other tasks. I'll not try to describe everything that could be done with this mini tool, not directly, of course, but as an auxiliary method in spline modeling process. This is a matter of imagination... but to acquire some idea, I would strike a quick example "How to make a ladder":

  1. Create one line with default setings
  2. Change X start position to 5 and hit and create another one.
  3. Select first shape, press "Attach" and hit second shape.
  4. Use "Cross Selection" and click once over one spline then over another one, and right click to exit cross selection tool.
  5. Now Del upper and lower horizontal segments.
  6. Check "Enable In Renderer" (and if you wish - "Enable In Viewport") and hit F9 (render).

You can download knotty Line here
ScriptSpot topic (here)

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