Monday, March 9, 2009

Modeling Mail-paper in 1 min.

Yep, it's a funy job for one minute. Of course we can make a flatten box or plane and just assign material with bump texture, but the final render result will become with much worse antialiasing. So try this...

[*] NOTE: Click on pictures to view them in large size.

1. Turn on 2D Snaps Toggle and drow in the Front viewport a Plane.
2. Change segments of Lenght and Width to 2.
3. Right and select "Convert To: Editable Poly".
4. In Back viewport select Border and press Cap (no more open edges).
5. In Vertex mod select centers vertex and press the box right to the Chamfer button and in it's dialog box change Amount and press OK.
6. Now select vertex as in the picture and press Connect.
7. Select unneeded edges as in the picture and press Remove (Not "DEL" button!).
8. Remove unneeded vertex and select and Move (W) center vertex a little but up in Y direction.
9. In Polygon mod select this 2 triangles and Extrude a less.
10. Repeat Extrude action but this time only for upper triangle.

That's all. Change object wirecolor to White and Render.

There is render result without material assigned :)

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