Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scripted Plug-ins Cheats

As I remember, I already post a link to this forum topic. It's interesting to MaxScript coders especially for these who play with scripted plug-ins. It's about how to cheat standard compatible createInstance procedure (that is too limited in many aspects). So, although I am busy I still found time to invent something about to help. The people so easily give up :)


  1. Cool script! and very interesting forum topic, but I think its not about cheating createInstance, it's about finding a way to make use of Max builtin support for Truetype, for which has a very sloppy support. The "support" resist in a Text-object that you can't use in a general way. Autodesk should create a much better interface for Truetype, instead of a crappy useless Shape-object, that for instane cannot be used in your own SimpleObject plug-in (as in the forum subject you pointed out). For as I see it, 3d Studio Max doesn't support the Truetype format. Atleast not in a way that it is exposed to Maxscript. The forum topic starter is right all the way, there is lacking support for this, and he suggest really creative work-arounds for this. Suggestions that you blatant ignore, and instead feed him with off-topic bull5hit trying to make him look like a fool not knowing the basic stuff. My guess is that the forum starter is way more experienced than you are regarding Maxscript, and you fail to get the point he is making from the start, HE really tries to get YOU in the right direction, not the other way around.

  2. Hi man, I'll reply on this one too. It's exactly about cheating createInstance. Yes, you CAN'T search a way to fix Truetype support in Max via MaxScript! Wake up, man! I'll paste my preview post as well...

    Hi there, as you see, I publish your comment. What I'll reply to you is so you may be not understand the pointer of the snippets. This is not complete and stable plug-in, ok? It illustrate the alternative work-around on how-to get mesh from shape object at all.

    And I just trying to help this guy out there, is this is bad for you? And why if you're so expert don't help him, insted to write bull5its here?

  3. Well, appending a note...

    If you was read the forum topic carefully, you was saw so the man out there START asking for how-to work-around to get mesh from text shape, and after a few post he decide to go in other direction. And where he can go else? SDK, right, but this is a subject of other topic. He can ask for this into the SDK section of the forum.

    I just make an effort to HELP him as I can and as it connected to the MaxScript. As you see, no one else make this effort !

  4. Well let me add a few final words. You (maybe the guy in the forum too) expect a response to a question whether there no exist ! Ha-ha... The gyu out there finally release his mistake and fixed his question.

    Have a nice day!


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