Saturday, March 13, 2010

The SimpleObject was not so Simple...

I receive 2 comments on 2 of my posts here related to the same forum topic (here). And both comments sounds to me like "Make war not peace!". However, I think, here is not the right place to discuss that. So, Mr aimfellow1337, instead of take a rest after hard work day, I spend my time to reply to you properly. So read my reply out there and don't force me again to spam the blog's readers with news about your problems.

[EDIT] Ok, Steve is right, my reply posted into the forum could degenerate the thread, but just to be sure You will read it, I ask Steve to leave the post for a few days, and delete after that, of course.

[EDIT2] I'll let to give you some friendly advice. Pay attention to what how to use the forums at all, instead of complaining in the background. This way you'll stay away from similar awkward situations like this. Yes, this is not a joke, nor reproach, it's a friendly advice, it does not matter how you feel it, the important is that if you not pay attention on that, today you're disappointed from me, tomorrow you will be disappointed by someone else.


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