Monday, March 15, 2010

Detach Elements

This is my MaxScript that I post today and which helps me to quick detach all elements on multiple objects. Also a few options for better scene arrangement are available as including convert to mesh, group by source or link to source or point helper etc. About the Undo context (on/off option) I was add additional note inside the code, so just take a sec to read it. Well, I hope it is useful tool for you too.

The script is here.


  1. very useful script, just what i was looking for. what are the installation instructions? at the moment i just drag the script into the viewport everything i want to use. is there a way to make it a toolbar button or add it to a menu?

    thanks for help

  2. Hi Alex, sorry for the delay to reply, but I was without internet connection for 7 days. I glad you like my script. Yes, I not designed it to be installed, so I can suggest to use MacroScript, i.e. put the "" to your "scripts" folder and register it with this macros:

    macroScript macro_Detach_Elements
    tooltip:"Detach Elements"
    buttontext:"Detach Elements"
    local sFile = (GetDir #scripts) + "/"
    if (doesFileExist sFile) then (fileIn sFile)
    else (messageBox "Unable to locate the script.")

  3. Hi again, I was add macroScript to the ScriptSpot:


Thanks for your comment