Thursday, March 4, 2010

SimpleObject - Geometry from Text Shape

How to create a SimpleObject that should get the basic mesh from a Text? Interesting challenge issue for scripters which play with geometry plugins. I also make an attempt to help in this forum topic ;)


  1. The code snippet that you have posted is illustrating very bad coding practice. You really shouldn't "teach out" such crap.

    The code will cause memory leaks, and it has very poor design.

  2. Hi there, as you see, I publish your comment. What I'll reply to you is so you may be not understand the pointer of the snippets. This is not complete and stable plug-in, ok? It illustrate the alternative work-around on how-to get mesh from shape object at all.

    And I just trying to help this guy out there, is this is bad for you? And why if you so expert dont help him, insted to write bull5its here?

  3. Hi again dude,
    Today your words sounded really funny.
    I noticed that this guy is interested in my code and my coding style, and even he learn some performance tips from me ;-) So... Have a nice day :P


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