Monday, August 10, 2009

Ball Rigging

This video tutorial by Mike Bauer sounds good. It's looks complex tutorial about rigging because covered many aspects. I'll post it here to remind me to check it out when I get around to it.

Learn how to create a simple rig that will help you explore the complexity of animating a ball. Everyone should to start their animation experience animating a ball, and this rig will give you some cool tools to make your animation life easier. Topics include MaxScripting, Reaction manager and more. You'll never look at animating a ball the same way again!

Download Video Tutorial:
Part 1: Duration: 30 minutes 11 seconds - File Size: 147 mb
Part 2: Duration: 18 minutes 56 seconds - File Size: 91.8 mb
Part 3: Duration: 32 minutes 58 seconds - File Size: 164 mb
Part 4: Duration: 51 minutes 36 seconds - File Size: 233 mb

The home page of Mike Bauer also offers free resources and many video tutorials, so I recommend this site to see (

P.S. -- I also find on the Mike's site a .MAX scene for this tutorial:

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