Saturday, August 15, 2009

Load AutoBackup File

Inspired by Jordan Walsh script AutoBack File Loader Zorb to make an autoback file loader with option to sort by date modified (and comments about this script), I just wrote my version. Of course, Jordan script support thumbnail, I guess that is a Max 2010 or .NET (or both) feature.
  • My code is simple, not necessary and does not use .NET;
  • Also offers an option to sort by name and date modified;
  • Check for save current file before load new one;
  • Convert system time format from AM/PM in 24h;
  • The dialog is modal, to use it or close it (to stay open is not desirable);
  • Works quickly and is compatible with 3ds Max 9 and higher;
  • Can be installed as a MacroScript (optional);

You can read more in the ScriptSpot and downloads the MaxScript from there or from here.

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