Sunday, August 9, 2009

Get Material from file

I'm not stop to wonder of the people who write scripts for anything ... Perhaps most of them just want to boast that they "can do" something. Here an example of this, "Copy/Paste Material to File", interesting name for a funny script. It install 2 MacroScripts in 2 separately Max applications, only to save and load .MAT file. But hey, we can do that in sec without scripting, right? And even without saving .MAT file to disk. Yes, you can directly get material from other .MAX file through Material Browser and the .MAX file can be still open in different Max shell. See the picture.

The idea for his script was inspired by "Copy/Paste Obects v0.2", another useless script. What's it doing? Save selected object(s) to .MAX file and "load" (ie merge) it in another. Also 2 MacroScripts needed for somthing that, how to say... :LOL:

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