Friday, August 7, 2009

Motiva SOAP beta

Motiva is a young cg company with bold ambitions but released recently just one beta product - SOAP. Now of their site you can find also 4 maxscripts in the beta stage. They are all encrypted and nothing special. I would not personally tested them. In the forums online you can find similar scripts, with an open source (!), ie you can read the code to learn, modify them for your needs and finaly debug 'em if necessary. And what about SOAP beta? Realtime postproduction tool, okey, but ... Maybe I missed something, but which is the special feature here? Every Photoshop filter has realtime preview, and if we talk about Max integration then ... heh, every Render Effect has realtime preview with on/off or manual update. Well, maybe the new Motiva feature is only the resolution size of the preview, but as they say, their product is slow on multiframe. And this is what I think, it's premature to draw attention to their first beta product right now, just wish them luck :) And ... if you decide to test it SOAP then note required software.

Here is Motivia downloads page

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