Monday, August 10, 2009

Lottery machine with Reactor

There is "Creating a lottery machine with 3D Max and Reactor" tutorial written by Richard. That I don't like at this site ( is that always need to login. Every tutorial up here is chopped on many pages. Also this one is spread out on 15 pages. And all their tutorials start with some setup modeling part into first 3-4 pages, and even before the real useful part jump login form... and I'm not read their site often so usually I forget my password and need to register again. But never mind.

About the 80% of tutorial itself cover setup modeling technics and I surprise how this guys who post out there always find most harder method to modeling whatever :) About the Reactor part in this tutorial, it's just simple Riggid body simulation, and all wath can be learn here is only to avoid intersection in Reactor setup. But I see here 4 intersecting objects and even 3 of them not needed to simulation. Personally for me this tutorial was a complete waste of time :/

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